The Condition of the Bookshelf Affects Your Book’s Collection

The condition of the bookshelf affects your book’s collection. Bookshelves is a must thing for people who love to read or keep books at home is becoming a must thing to have. The existence of a bookshelf is very helpful to keep books and neatly arranged. A neat bookcase will make a room more spacious, but the bookshelves are messy tend to make a room to be cramped. Besides its function to keep books, bookshelves can also be used as storage places other items such as dolls or accessories. However, it is inseparable from a bookshelf design that is used.



Bookshelves properly designed will bring many benefits to its owner. The materials used to make bookshelves must be strong and durable. Books have kept a fairly heavy weight when they are accumulated. Therefore, the material is suggested as bookshelves maker is wood, steel or aluminum. If you have chosen to use wood as the bookshelves’ material, make sure you choose a strong wood. The recommended type of wood to make a bookshelf is teak. In addition to strong, teak also has a long durability.


However, if you choose aluminum and steel as material maker bookshelves, then make sure you cover these materials properly. You should consider the types of coating to be used for the bookshelves in order to save your books so they are not damaged in the future. Another cause that can make your books damaged is fungus. Fungus that appears on your book may be caused by moisture bookshelves. In addition to mold, dust can also damage the books. Another thing to note again is the storage of the book itself. You have to make the distance of each book is placed so the mold and dust will not damage your books.

how to put your book


Therefore, you have to maintain the cleanliness and temperature on the bookshelves. Make sure you clean the bookshelves on a regular basis to avoid those both problems.


Another problem is the spotlight of the sun lurks. Bookshelves that are exposed to direct sunlight will damage your books. You can store bookshelves in a warm temperature but not exposed to direct sun light. There is a good idea to store bookshelves in a room with air conditioning where the temperature can be controlled by you. Room with air conditioning can make your bookshelves still dry if you control the temperature well. Conversely, if you use a moist temperature, then the bookshelves will be moist and it can make your book comes damaged.

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Whatever happens on your bookshelves, it was very influential on the state of your bookshelves if they are dirty and dusty, the books that would have placed the same conditions. However, there is a condition where the bookshelves had no effect on your book collection, for example, how to craft books and stacking books. If you compile a book too tightly or stacking books in excess then your books will be easily damaged. Books that are too tightly drawn and books stacked with excessive make a book cover is damaged.

Therefore, make sure you care the condition of the bookshelf.


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