The Mediterranean-Style House Design Makes Warm and Romantic

Mediterranean-style house design is warm and romantic often made as a building design preferred by many couples. The house design is often found in Mediterranean countries Greece, Italy or Spain. These countries are the countries frequented when the honeymoon. Mediterranean warmth in the house stands out with the use of color is brown like the soil. This gives rise to a warm impression on the people who occupy it. Warmth of the Mediterranean-style house is more dominant with the shape and texture of the house. This character of Mediterranean house is almost same with minimalist house. You must still notice that Mediterranean house is different with minimalist house. In addition, the use of decoration is also one contributor of the impression caused.


Mediterranean-Style House, big mediterranean house

big Mediterranean house

Mediterranean-style house is very rich in colorful texture, especially the brown color as the ground. This is one reason why Mediterranean style houses favored by many people. In addition to the use of the dominant brown color, Mediterranean-style house also can be another color. Other colors commonly used in Mediterranean-style house were the natural colors, like cream or lemon color. This color is used to color the walls of the house. A thing that is different from the Mediterranean-style house with other house-style density and thickness of the paint is uneven. This is why Mediterranean style house should be done by people who are experts. This is because the work requires a lot of Mediterranean-style house and accuracy calculations. However, one of the ways in which to obtain the density and wall thickness is uneven mix the paint with water. Mixing is done before the painting begins.


natural color in Mediterranean house

In addition, Mediterranean-style house can also be put herbs in pots or the front of the house. Pot plants can also be placed on the edge of the kitchen windows. However, if there is no pot or a plant, a painting can also be placed on the wall of the house. Paintings hung on the wall of a Mediterranean-style house typically are painting a picture of the plant. Why is painting a picture that hung in wall plants? This is because the Mediterranean style houses are very closely related to plants. The use of plants or plant paintings can also create a Mediterranean-style house to be warmer. If the addition of some of these situations is still lacking, you can also add a fitted floor tiles with a particular motif. Motif terracotta ceramic tile is one motif that has been chosen to design a Mediterranean-style house. You can also use wood for floor of Mediterranean house.


put some plants in front of the house

To get a Mediterranean-style house, you do not have to worry about the extent of land to be used. Mediterranean-style house can be applied in a broad variety of existing land. However, Mediterranean-style house is usually applied to a small house. Mediterranean-style house with a small size judged to have more beauty than a large house.

However, this assessment is not raw, is largely determined by the composition of the beauty that you use for the details of this Mediterranean-style house design.

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