The Minimalist Design in Home Decorating

Minimalist design is one of the most interesting home styles that you can try. People will love to enjoy a simple look since it can avoid any cutter. The small area in the house can look spacious by using this design. You can make it look inviting, welcoming and open. There is no need to you to fill the home with a lot of knickknacks, decorations and accessories. You can make it look minimalist by applying simple and easy style. The minimalist approach has been adapted by many kinds of home decorating styles such as Zen, modern and contemporary interior design. If you are interested to apply this style at home, let me guide your ways.

Minimalist Design Architecture

Minimalist Design for Bathroom

Minimalist Design for Bedroom

The first thing to decide is the color. You need to gain the inspiration from the nature. The main color should in neutral shades. It should be simple and relaxing. You can pick the earthy tones like tan, taupe, brown and gray. If you want more options, you can have blue and green. Both are relaxing and soothing. The supporting color should be striking and bold to banish the boring and plain look of the primary colors. You can have it in red, orange, yellow or even violet. The solid color should be accented on the larger items like the furniture, floor, and wall. The small pieces will be perfect by using striking color. For example, you can place a red hot sofa on the center of the white room. For kitchen remodeling, you can beautify the cooking area by combining white and black colors.

Minimalist Design for Kitchen

Minimalist Design Ideas

Minimalist Design

The clutter in the room should be eliminated. You need to avoid busy patterns like flower, fleur de list, damask or even checker. The next thing to concern in minimalist house is the furniture pieces. If your old furniture is made in ornate pattern, you need to replace it from the room of your house. Such furniture is not suitable. It cannot deliver the minimalist look. The furniture that you should have at home is the one which can carry clean surface, simple design and easy look. You can set a coffee table with wooden structure and glass top on the center of the area rug. Then you can place a sofa with an ottoman for more seating area. An ottoman is a great selection since it offers you with a hidden storage that you can use to accommodate newspaper, magazines, book and many more.

Minimalist Design with Light Floor

Minimalist Design in White

Minimalist Design Style

Minimalist Design In Modern Style

If you function the living room as the entertainment space, there is no need for you to hide the TV. You can mount it on the wall. The last thing to concern is related to the fabric in the minimalist home. You need to avoid the heavy textile since it makes the room look busy. Pick the lightweight fabrics which can deliver the flattering and airy effect in the room. You can adorn the window by installing a simple blind, sheer curtain or even white shades. If you want privacy in the room, you can see roll up shades. All in all, your minimalist design ideas can bring uncluttered effect.

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