The Right Decoration for a Child Room

How to choose the right decoration for a child room? The question is what might be thought in the minds of parents, especially for a mother. Determining the proper decoration for child’s room is not difficult. However, you do not choose to use decorations and wrong for a child’s room. Decorations that are not appropriate in a child’s room even make the child become comfortable in the room. The opposite is also very possible. Decoration that is not appropriate for a child’s room can actually make the child too comfortable in the room, did not even want to move out of the room.


simple decoration in child bedroom

Child’s room decor can be made simply. You do not need to use an expensive decoration and ornament to decorate your child’s room. You can save a child’s simple decoration in the room. However, do not let you choose the wrong ornaments, decorations such as a size too big so hard to divert the child causes he or she always looks to the these ornaments. You can garnish with by considering its size. In addition to the size of the decoration to be saved, you must also use decorations that can stimulate his or her imagination.


use motif in wallpaper

An important factor is the color decoration besides the wall. The color of the walls also were included into the room decorations you can choose the wall color is preferred, such as blue or pink. However, remember not to use wall color is too bright because it will make your child’s hard to turn away from the wall. You should use a bright color but still natural and calm. If you want to add a little decoration, you can use wallpaper with a motif of interest. Combination of wallpaper and carpet can be one of the attractive decors in the rooms of children. You can use the same color or the same theme in a child’s room. This would be a good blend.


In addition to decorations, you must also consider furniture to be stored in a child’s bedroom. There is some furniture that must exist in your child’s room, such as beds, desks and cabinets. This is the third furniture item that must exist in the child’s room. In addition to functioning as a place to store goods, furniture is also useful as a decoration in a child’s room. You can improvise a little with the design, shape and color of the furniture that has been mentioned above. If your child is still small, you can use the furniture in accordance with the decorations you want. However, if your child can be consulted, should invite them to discuss the theme or decorations such as what should be applied in their room. You can find information and more idea in any interior design magazines or pictures in internet.


simple ornaments

In essence, you can use in any child’s room decor. However, you must make sure that the decorations used are decorative and not harmful to children.

Those are some tips the right decoration for a child room.

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