A Theater-like Living Room

If you are dreaming about having a theater in your house, then a theater-like living room would be one of your best choices. It will be extremely fun when you and your family gather and watch on a movie in that room, right? You can also relax from your boring daily activities in the office and your children will also have their good time with you.

Living Room with Theater-like Design

Besides having function as a relaxing place, this kinda of theater-like living room also has different additional function. There are also a reading space and a room for watching on a movie. If you love a movie, then it’s better for you to create this theater-like living room on your house. There are a panel-covered wall and a black sofa. That’s the key in creating a theater-like living room.

In creating a theater-like living room, you should also create this multi-functional room by using a home entertainment system which you have set before. Perhaps, it will be a useful family room. If you don’t believe it, you should just create a concept of minimalist living room. There are not much furniture on it, right? Therefore, it makes the gathering activity of your family become optimal.

A Half Theater and Living Room

If you don’t have a “proper” sofa to this theater-like living room, then you can create an L-shaped sofa which can be removed everywhere. Its purpose is to get the room’s flexibility. So, if your guests are outnumber, you can move the sofa away to the side of the wall, making the main center of the room wider and bigger. This also makes your theater-like living room more useful.

Furthermore, if you have a medium-sized living room on your house, you can also locate a medium-sized bookcase which is stuck on the wall beyond the sofa. The bookcase has a square shelves whose design is decided based on its need, its books and its group category. This bookcase also completes the concept of family room where there are many activities you can do with your families.

Living Room Theater-like Concept

As a theater-like living room, this living room is also supported by home entertainment sytem, a 5.1 stereo sound. There are also a set of speakers in this theater-like living room which has a magnetic safety to prevent video interference. This prevention should be done by arranging its top of double-speaker to face the sofa.

If you have already finished arranging those equipment to watch a movie, then it’s the time for your to create your own living room with theater-like design!


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