Things That Must Be Considered In Making Fireplace

There are several things that must be considered in making fireplace in the living room. The house is located in a location with low temperatures should install the fireplace. Fireplace is used to warm the body when the temperature is cold outside the home. The fireplace is usually installed in the living room.. Fireplace fitted with living room will look more luxurious. In addition to luxurious impression gained from installing a fireplace in the house, the fireplace also serves as one of the accessories decorate the room. However, installing a fireplace in the house, either in the living room or family room, must still prioritize its safety factor.

a living room with fireplace

Fireplaces are usually always installed together with a chimney. Chimney is useful for removing smoke arising from burning wood in the stove. Installing a fireplace without the chimney makes the smoke arising from burning wood spreads throughout the room. The smoke that spread throughout the room can make residents shortness of breath. This is very dangerous! Therefore, the chimney is required when you installing a fireplace in the house.

a chimney's design

Another thing to consider is the distance to provide splashes of fire that appears. Burning wood fire splashes can cause the furnace exit. Therefore, it is advisable to not install carpet near the fireplace. If the carpet remains installed, you should given a safe distance between the furnace and carpet. You also can pair to fire safety at home. These safeguards are usually made of tightly woven wire. Safety fireplaces can be purchased at nearby shops in your neighborhood. Do not forget to buy the wood to be burned in your fireplace. Make sure you buy the wood that does not cause a lot of smoke. The importance of securing the fireplace seems to have a lot of most people realize. Currently there is a fireplace that will not cause a fire so it is not dangerous.


A screen with a picture of a fireplace can also be installed in your home. Although the fireplace is not real, the occupants at least aroused to feel warm in the house. Figure fireplace may seem from an LCD mounted in front of the wall. However, in reality many people who prefer to use this technology rather than remodel their homes just to make the chimney smoke. They prefer to wear warm clothes and look at the screen. Creating a chimney for the fireplace was assessed spending money and wasting time. That is why many people prefer to use a fake fireplace.

a fake fireplace

Apart from the fireplace hearth used is real or not, your living room look more comfortable with the new look. If you have a chimney, you can put some decorations on the fireplace hearth. Decoration is useful to beautify your fireplace. Garnishes can be placed above the fireplace such as photograph or paintings do you like much. Garnish types is up to you. You can also attach a candle holder or a charter award beside the fireplace.


Well, that’s a few things that must be considered in making fireplace.

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