Two Things To Make A Pretty Bathroom

There ara many things to make a pretty bathroom. One of the ways it to put white as the main color of your bathroom. The other way is to make white as a supporting color. However, if you only put white color on your whole bathroom, it will look monotone and “cool”, right? You should only better to put different color in case you get easily bored with white. Sometimes, you are bored with your white bathroom, right?


Coral-stone bathroom

It’s not difficult to make your bathroom look pretty, as easy as you pick the color of your wall. If you the way to do it, then it will be easier. There are many simple things which can make your bathroom look extravagant and glamorous. Two of the things to make a pretty bathroom are already on your mind now.

If you have a medium-sized bathroom, you can apply those two things in the shower area, both in its floor and its shower curtain. You can put some coral stones to the floor as a replacement of tiles. Coral stones, as you know, can present side of nature. If you often put some tiles on it, then there won’t be nothing special on it. However, if you put these stones, you can also see that small thing can change a lot.

White and Red Bathroom

In putting those coral stones, you should remember about its water disposal. Because the floor is the place where everything go wet, then you have to think about its water disposal. Don’t let it continuously be wet. There must time for you to dry the floor.

The next thing you should pay attention on is the shower curtain. Most people choose not to put it on the shower area while putting it is one of the most important things you should do. This idea of putting a shower curtain will make your activity of doing bath more fun. You should try to make your shower curtain as unique as possible.

Floor Bathtub

If you want to make your shower curtain more interesting, you can choose a motive one to be put as your shower curtain. You can also use a colorful shower curtain to make your bathroom more colorful, instead of a motive one. The applying of these two things will not make you bankrupt. No need to change anything. Then, are you ready to apply those things to make a pretty bathroom?

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