Color and Motive of Tiles in the Bathroom

You should be very careful when choosing a color and motive of tiles in the bathroom. There are so many colors and motives offered in the market. If you cannot smartly pick the best of them, then it will be useless. In applying the color and motive of tiles in the bathroom, you should choose one of them which has a simple design and apply them in the wall or in the ceiling.


Aquamarine Tiles

You can get the main color of the bathroom from the color of building’s material for wall and floor. You can use a tile or a ceramic attached from the floor to the ceiling. The color of sea blue or aquamarine become the most popular colors these days and also very efficient to be attached in the bathroom. However, don’t let your bathroom be full of those colors. At least, you should also apply warm and soft colors, such as peach. It looks good to your skin and makes you look healthy.

The tile attached from the floor to the ceiling can also used to prevent the watersplash around the bathtub, shower or washbasin. Nevertheless, you should consider more about it before applying those tiles in the whole bathroom’s floor and ceiling. The presence of “crowded” motive-tiles will also be dominant. Its motives can be very confusing. Same thing goes to the plain tiles. It will give the look of the clinic which has limited area.

Grey Tiles

To prevent this kind of problems, you should try to apply the new-look of natural-motive tiles. Its surface is not shiny and it gives the look of limestone or marble. The shining surface is useful to give a reflection, from the outside light and to give the a limited area the look of “wider”. However, yo should remember that the effect will be more exessive so that it will be very blinding. Therefore, the plain tiles will be very effective. It combines the character of water-proof.

The mosaic effect created from these tiles is always good. Sometimes, it’s suitable for the small bathroom because of the size. However, you should always remember that it cannot be very exessive because it will ruin the whole looking. You should make it as the accent which covers some parts of the bathroom, not in the whole bathroom.

Colorful Tiles

The otheer types of tiles you should consider to be applied in the bathroom is the modern shiny glass tiles. This type of tiles is wall’s tiles with its clear finishing and its colorful light of pearl. Then finally, after preparing the materials to be put, you are ready to design a color and motive of tiles in the bathroom.

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