Tips for Dark Hallway Design

You can banish the dark hallway in the house by using simple steps. Hallways should convey fresh and elegant feeling. The dark one can express the unwelcoming air for the guest. They will perceive the cold vibes when stepping their feet on the hallways. It will be such an uninteresting journey when they have to pass the hallway to reach the living area. The dark hallways definitely are not safe for the people. It can increase the risk of the people bumping, falling down or slipping. The bright hallways are not only safe, but they will be pleased to view. The bright one is totally amazing for it can deliver the welcoming and inviting mood.

Dark Hallway Design Ideas

Dark Hallway Design In Neon Color

Dark Hallway Design in Pink


The first thing that you can do to transform the dark entrance hallway is painting the area with new splash of hues. You need to focus on the colors of the wall to brighten up the mood in the space. There are many neutral colors at you can try here. Some of them include beige, white, cream, beige and icy blue. All of them can bring the impression of bight, clear and large hallways. If you want to reflect more light in the area, you need to combine the main color with some supporting colors such as semi gloss or satin paints. Both offer you with glossy accent. The color of the ceiling should be in soft hues too. If you want to make it look higher, use white tone.

Dark Hallway Design

Dark Hallway Design Look

Dark Hallway Design Style

The next thing that you need to play in the dark hallway is the lighting system. You can get two options when it comes about the illumination. Both are the man made lighting and natural lighting from the sun. During the night, you can turn on the manmade lighting. During the day, use the natural light by opening the window widely. If you live in a busy neighborhood, privacy will be in high demand. Then you can install acid etched glass paned or frosted glass for the window. You can also get the natural light by adding skylight on the ceiling. In the night, you can also enjoy the romantic feeling by the illumination of soft moonlight. What about the man made light? You can have it in the form of wall sconce, grand chandelier or even pendant lighting. Pick the one suitable with your dark hallway style.

Dark Hallway Design with Blue Wall

Dark Hallway Design with Photos

Dark Hallway Design wth Books

Dark Hallway Design

The hallways should look exceptional by focusing on the decorating style. You can provide a great focal point in the area. The guests will never get bored when they have to pass along the entrance. You can hang many pictures of family or you can also use the wall in the dark hallways as gallery to display all of your colorful art pieces. Don’t forget to illuminate the artworks with the spot light. At the end of the dark hallway design, you can place mirrors to reflect the light.

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