Tips for Making Gothic House

There are a few tips for making Gothic house for you. If you include the people who love the feel of Gothic, it would not hurt if you use a few tips below. Some of the tips below will make the house a Gothic.


1.  Design a house with pillars for support

Gothic house was always supported by pillars appearance with a large enough size. Pillar or pole house Gothic’s are emphasis on a luxurious and magnificent. Pillar or pole is indeed useful as a crutch, which also serves as a decoration for the house Gothic. If you are confused about how to design pillars or columns, you can search a variety of designs in various interior design magazines or look at some history books. Interior magazines and history books will help you to find more idea to build a Gothic house.


tips for making gothic house, a sample of gothic house

a sample of Gothic house

2. Using a combination of Gothic colors

Colors in the home usually reflects the Gothic atmosphere is dark and murky. You can use black as the dominant color. However, the impression of color is not only reflecting the black Gothic alone. You can use a combination of black with other colors. An example of a color combination can emphasize the concept of the Gothic black and red. Both color combination are considered to describe the impression of the concept of Gothic. You can use the combination of these colors on walls, furniture and several other decorations in the house. Merging these two colors can make your home Gothic impression became more pronounced. You can also find a picture of Gothic house in internet to make your idea becomes easier.


3. Using another color

If the red and black color is too dark, then you can try using another color. Some colors that can be used to house Gothic colors include a dark and character. There are many of the dark color and strong character. The dark color and strong character are such as purple, dark green and gold. Gold color can also be used to house Gothic, although often used in the classical concept home. You can combine these colors with black and dark colors. This will be a unique blend and thick with Gothic feel.


tips for making gothic house, gothic furnitures details

Gothic furniture details

4. Applying these colors for the furniture and decorations

You can use the furniture in the colors mentioned above to complete the Gothic feel of the accent. If you find black and red color combination is too dark, you can use it on furniture and decoration. You can use the furniture in red or black. As a complement to the Gothic look of your home, use decorations with shades of the same. You can pair with a curtain or floor color composition mentioned above. Besides that, you can also use lamp in your Gothic house which has low intensity of light.


tips for making gothic house, gothic furnitures

Gothic furniture


Well now you have already known what to watch out and what to do in making a Gothic house. You will not be confused again.

Currently you are ready to put the tips for making Gothic house now.


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