Tips for Simple English Country Kitchen Design

People can bring charm in the cooking area by picking the English country kitchen ideas. English country kitchen can bring natural feeling inside the house. You can make the kitchen look totally new and dazzling with different look. Why people should choose this style? It offers you with different treatment and application. If you are tired with the simplicity of modern look, the English country kitchen is great to have. It is totally different from the modern and luxurious look of Victorian kitchen. The casual feel is well perceived so that the family can spend longer hours to sit and have a chit chat in the cooking area. You need to make it comfortable by decorating the cooking space with nice environments.

English Country Kitchen design

English Country Kitchen in Brown

In this post I will show you some ideas to bring the old world charm interior style of the kitchen. The first thing that you need to note is the treatment for the ceiling. Some people skip the decoration of ceiling for it does not bring much attention of the people. If you think such way, you are totally wrong. The ceiling is part of interior design that you should to prepare for simple English country kitchen ideas. It will never look complete if you skip the decor on the ceiling. You just have to treat the ceiling by applying wooden beam. The beam is considered as a great character of country kitchen. You can see that it is also exposed on other kitchen styles like French country, rustic, Spanish and Tuscany kitchen.

English Country Kitchen in white

English Country Kitchen View

Then you need to think about the illumination in the English country kitchen. If you want to make it classic and old, you can hang a candle chandelier. If you want a touch of modern look, you can choose the intricate design of pendant lamps. If you need extra light, you can have the recessed light. It can bring bright illumination when you are on food preparation process. Even though the kitchen is made in old fashioned style, there is no need to use all antique equipments. You can bring the modern amenities like juice, stove, oven, and other amenities in the kitchen for simplifying the process of food preparation. The antique can be used as a décor since it can blend as a part of English country kitchen design.

English Country Kitchen Style

English Country Kitchen

Take a look at the floor. It can be made in wooden floor to match with wooden beam on the ceiling. The wall can be painted in some interesting and pastel colors like off white, mustard yellow, light brown and sage green. If you like to use the English country kitchen as the gatherings a place, you can install a kitchen island. It can be made to suit the look of the kitchen cabinet. Paint both items in the same color to create a good coordination. Then you can set same padded chairs along the kitchen island in English country kitchen design.

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