Tips in Designing A Retro-Style Living Room

There are a few tips on designing a retro-style living room you should consider. Retro house has become one of the widely used concepts of home by many people today, in addition to the use of minimalist and modern concept home. The house does have a concept of retro charm. One of the attractions are very interesting people, especially those who see it, is the use of bright colors and color combination that tend to contradict each other. The use of color against each other here is the use of color was not a color derivative, for example using blue and black in the same room wall or uses the red and purple colors in one room. It is certainly very interesting, isn’t it? The next question appears is how do I design for a retro living room?


retro wall design

In order to start designing a retro concept living room, you just need to combine colors. Yes, just use so many colors! As you know, retro concept is to use bright colors that collide with each other. An example colors are such use blue and purple on the same wall. You can apply it on the living room wall at home. Use green and orange the living room wall. The brighter colors used, the more viscous the concept of retro to your home. You can use one color on one wall of the living room and another color on another wall.
In addition to using walls with bright colors and color combination, you can use some decoration that supports the retro atmosphere. A few trimmings that support the concept of retro in a house are gramophone, the posters and the use of colorful furniture or furniture with the concept of the 70s. You can use colorful furniture. In addition, the furniture used is usually patterned wood furniture.


designing a retro style living room gramophone Tips in Designing A Retro Style Living Room


You can save a gramophone on your coffee table. Gramophone will create a retro feel are felt in the living room. You can use if you want to listen to gramophone music. A strain of music released by the gramophone is very different compared to the strains of music coming out of the digital player. Besides gramophone, you can also use posters of the 70s which is framed by frame. The use of frames is to protect your walls from sticky glue, tape or nails can damage the paying of course the appearance of the living room wall. The latter, in order to improve the appearance of the retro concept living room, you can use colorful furniture. You can use bright colors are different from the color of the walls in your living room.


retro sofa

If you are still confused about how to design a retro concept living room, you can look it up in a variety of interior design magazines. In essence, do not be afraid to use color in the living room retro concept. You will get a good retro nuanced if you use more colors.

Well, that’s a few tips on designing a retro-style living room.

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