Tips in Designing Oriental Living Room

Designing oriental living room is not commonly found in some homes. Oriental living room does have its own design because the decoration and furniture that are not commonly used in many living rooms in general. There are many oriental living room is used on a general living room with a size that is too broad. This is because the living room with oriental design is considered in detail from various sides. Oriental living room has a distinct impression when compared with living room design in general. Oriental living room usually has some color only in terms of its interior. Colors that used on the living room with oriental concept are black and red. The second color is deliberately chosen to illustrate the oriental countries, like China or other countries in Asia.

small oriental living room


Oriental parlor design is deliberately described the eastern culture and applied in the architecture of the house. If the oriental concept home is too heavy to be realized, then you can apply it in the living room by your own. Oriental-style living room design is usually not very extensive. However, the living room usually has the look of oriental design which is ‘open’. This is evidenced from the use of paper as insulation between rooms. Paper as a screen attached to a door or window of bamboo. You also put some decorations on the walls of the living room to emphasize the oriental concept that you are using, for example using a ceramic urn. Ornaments used to adorn the living room is usually the concept of oriental calligraphy writing china, wooden dolls wearing traditional dress china or paper fan. You can also keep an open red umbrella as a symbol of the living room. The living room has an oriental concept can also be designed in a modern way. You can also combine these two aspects of the concept of the buildings, such as walls and roofs.


mandarin oriental living room

n addition to decorations, you can also put some furniture in your living room. Furniture in the living room typically uses red, black or a combination of both. In addition to red and black, you can also put the furniture is colored gold and white as a combination. This concept of oriental furniture you can get at furniture stores. If you want a special shape, such as guest chairs have carved dragons, you can order them specifically in a store that makes furniture. Some of the carvings that you can use to emphasize the concept of oriental are dragons, lotus and china calligraphy. You can order a set of concept of oriental furniture, including guest chairs, tables, even to the cabinet. If you need more inspiration, you can find in interior design magazines.


ornaments in oriental living room

Do not forget to consider the use of lighting in your living room. Living room with oriental impression usually uses a light with a slightly yellow color, not bright white. You can get around this by using a torch-shaped lights lantern in certain parts only.

Now that’s a few tips for designing oriental living room.



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