Tips in Designing Small Sized Living Room

Having a small sized living room does not mean you can stop to stop creating. A small living room is even making you become more creative and innovative in designing. Small-sized living room is often considered insufficient by the homeowners. However, if you take the positive thinking in this case, has a small living room will make you feel challenged to design and decorating.

small sized livingroo, use white wall for your small livingroom

use white wall for your small livingroom

The first thing that must be considered to design a small living room is a selection of paint colors that match. The selection of paint colors will greatly affect the atmosphere of your living room at home. You should avoid dark colors and dark for the living room wall. Paint colors should be used for small-sized living room is the colors that can create the impression of vast and cool. The white color which can make it look wider, almost without limit, or the color green and blue for cold impressive in a small living room. You can combine the basic colors used in the living room with a darker paint or to paint a glossy impression. Paint with dark colors can be applied to doors and windows while the impression of glossy paint can be used in wall profile. Ceilings also are the factors that determine the impression of the room. Ceilings with a considerable the height would make living a more ‘fresh’ because the air can be exchanged more freely.

small sized livingroom, put furnitures in a good layout

put furnitures in a good layout


In addition to wall color, you should also have the right layout, furniture and some of the usual trimmings placed in the living room. Layout drawing room should be kept properly. A cluttered living room layout will make the living room that has become increasingly narrow only. You can try to put things in proper location and effective.


You also have to consider the used furniture in the living room. Furniture with a rather complicated shape and large size should be avoided. You are strongly advised to store the furniture with simple shapes and small size. If you want to keep the sofa in the living room, choose a small sofa. Currently there are a lot of sofas with a variety of sizes and shapes in many stores.


The last thing to consider is to put objects that are often used as decoration in the room knows. Objects such as small sculptures, photographs and some of the displays should be placed in the right place. The items mentioned above will actually make a living room into a mess if you put it anywhere. The objects on display like the above can be placed on a small shelf that is stored in the living room. You can also create a shelf into the wall, such as, build-in shelf. Preparation of shelf of this type will conserve space in your living room. You can browse kinds of build-in shelf in interior design magazines.


a simple sofa

Well, now you do not have to worry anymore with the size of the living room you have.

You can try some tips to design a small sized living room.


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