Tips in Designing Teen Bedroom

There are a few tips in designing teen bedroom to be unique and beautiful. As a parent, you need to know what kind of room desired by girls or boys you are a teenager? There are usually a lot of teens who want a change from their bedroom, both in terms of design and furniture? If the bedroom they used to be filled with bright colors and cute pictures, then it no longer wanted them. Indeed, there are some teenagers who still want a few items in the bedroom, when they were little, to remain in their new rooms. However, even so, the goods associated with anything related to ‘child’ are often times they get rid of. Even though you trust them to change the design and furniture in their own room, but it helps you, as parents, to accompany them at any time. Moreover, adolescence is a time when they are unstable. Supervision and advice from you would be very useful for them. Do not fell hesitate to give some advises for them in decorating their bedroom design.


teen girls bedroom design

Bedroom design is the first thing that was changed by the teens. The teen bedroom design usually wants a simple and not much decoration that smells ‘child’. They will issue a variety of goods which if not required, one of which is a bed with a princess theme for girls for example, or a super hero theme for boys. However, despite that, there are teenagers, even until they are old, still like things like that.


The teenagers do tend to have various ornament or things that are the current trends. For example, when it was booming about a band, then they usually put the band posters on the walls of their rooms. A paste poster on the wall is usually undertaken by adolescent boys while for girls, they usually collect a variety of photo albums. Decorations as a child will be replaced with many things about their favorite as a teenager. They will ‘throw’ things in the room when they were still child.


teen boys bedroom design

In addition, the teens also will require a larger wardrobe. Larger cabinets will be needed by adolescent girls. This is reasonable because girls are usually very fond of all things smelly fashion. Young women usually collect a variety of fashions, shoes, handbags, hats, up to a wide range of accessories. On the other hand, adolescent males will usually save more t-shirts and jeans. This is why teens need a wardrobe with a larger size than when they are small.


posters in the wall of teen bedroom

As parent, you can suggest them to use the curtains in the window of their room. It is useful to protect them from outsiders who intend to peek at them when a change of clothes. You can also advise them to put up curtains with various motifs and colors they like. Curtain is also useful to make their room more beautiful. You can also find many inspirations from internet or interior design magazines for your teen room.

That’s some tips in designing teen bedroom.

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