Tips on Choosing Paint Color for Minimalist House

In choosing paint color for minimalist house is not a difficult thing. However, choosing the paint for the house is also not an easy thing. The selection of the wrong house paint colors will make your house look worse. The concept of minimalism does not have a house rule for interior or exterior paint colors are used. However, you also have to adjust the house concept with paint colors that will be used. You may not use house paint colors for house minimalist classic, is not it? It does not matter, but the selection of the wrong color of paint will make your house a concept is unclear.


Choosing Paint Color for Minimalist House, minimalist house paint color

minimalist house paint color

Paint color to a minimalist house is you can see in various magazines about the house. In addition, you can also find a variety of other inspiration in the search engine on the internet. House paint colors really affect the look of your house. Dull house will make people who see it become fail to visit. Well, there are a few tips in choosing a paint color for your house minimalist house looks fresh and good.

1. Using only three colors

Minimalist house concept using a crude color, it would be better if just using a bit of color choices. Too much colors in minimalist house will make the concept of house becomes unclear and messy. Minimalist house which using too many colors will be impressed too crowded. This impression is not the impression of a minimalist house. Minimalist house is not advisable to use that much, if you want to stay in the concept.

2. Using a good color composition

Composition of the right colors will make a minimalist house more beautiful views. The composition of colors used should not be too much contrast. You can use color gradations to get the right color. It is better the color composition used is dark, somewhat younger and brighter. Gradation is used to avoid the impression that overlap in a minimalist house. If you just replace the color from dark to bright colors directly, for example from gray to red immediately, it will house the color overlap.

minimalist house two combination colors

3. Using a color that is usually used for a minimalist house

You can use the color on the exterior of the house with a color that is often used for a minimalist house. Colors are often used on the exterior for a minimalist house is light gray. You can also use other colors; the color is close, as a combination. Colors that can be used as a combination are black, white, or dark gray.


white color is always used in minimalist house

Other colors may be used is to integrate some combination of nature, such as the use of natural stone on the wall. The combination of rock to be used may be ‘different’ with house paint colors. The combination of natural stone colors with a contrasting color can indeed be one solution for those of you who want the other colors in your minimalist house.

Well, whatever house paint options make sure you choosing paint color for minimalist house.


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