Tips to Create a Personal Library at Home

There are a few tips to create a personal library at home. If you have a plan to create a personal library at home, then you should read some tips as follows.

colorful library

1. Noting the size of the room is needed

Are you a person who loves books? This is the very first question asked to create a personal library at home. Someone who liked the book usually is someone who likes collecting it, or at least someone who quite often buys or collects books. If you are among those above, then you should set the size of the room is large enough to create a library at home. The library is too small will make the room became full and cramped because your book collection. In addition, the library is too full will be difficult for you when looking for a book. However, if you include someone who is not too pleased to read, you can set the size of the room is not too large.

2. Using the cabinet with the appropriate size and design

Cabinets are used in your personal library at home should be adjusted to the available space. If a private library room in your house is not too big then you should outsmart by using a unique cabinet design. A cabinet design can use the built in storage. A cabinet of this type is attached to the wall. Built in storage can be a place where your book collection. In addition, built in storage can also be a barrier to the room in your home.

book cabinets

3. Create good air circulation
Personal library at home to watch the temperature of the room. Library room temperature is too hot can cause deterioration of the books are kept in the closet. The books will be dewy and wet. If this happens, then your collection of books will be damaged. If the library was warm and even hot, you can use the air conditioning as a coolant temperature of the room. In addition to maintaining the temperature of the books, air conditioning will also make the people who read or use libraries comfortably.

air sirculation at personal library

4. Good bookkeeping

In order to make your book is well maintained and in good condition, you should pay attention to the arrangement of the books properly. If the books are put together, then you should change it. Structuring a good book will make the condition of the books remain well preserved. Density of the books in the closet should be regulated so that the temperature and the humidity up. In addition, air circulation will make the book more durable.

5. Put some decorations as a decoration in your personal library

You can put some ornaments as decorations in a private library at home. Some ornaments can be placed among the flower pot, some picture frames and curtains. The use of these ornaments is useful to give the impression of ‘relaxed’ in the personal library at home.

Well, that’s a few tips to make your personal library at home.


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