3 Things to Do in Treating a Bathroom

In treating a bathroom of yours, you should maintain it as good as possible. Because, sometimes a home where you live is scored as something prestigious. You should pay attention on small/ detail parts, including the home interior, and some parts of the home itself, such as garden, living room, walls and floors, even bathroom. People would see the best-side of our house from how we treat those part of the place themselves. And remember, people would also see weather we routinely care for our house or not.

These following tips in treating a bathroom will definitely lead us to live in a better residence. There are 5 tips to treat your ideal home, including tips for cleaning crust in the bathroom, fixing the broken ceramic, fixing the leaked floor in the bathroom, re-painting the walls, and anything. You can check them all in these tips I can give you right now..


Cleaning the crust in the bathroom

The first tips in treating a bathroom of yours is to clean the crust . The yellow-brown crust in your bathroom’s floor can be cleaned with these following tips. You should repeatedly brush the crust with small stone and water contained soap, then you wash them off cleanly.

Afterward, you sow the Citroenzuur (citric acid) inside and outside the bath tub which was wet before and let the acid itself works for about an hour. Then the bath tub is ready to be cleaned by wiping them with dry rag. For the additional information, you can get the citric acid in several store of bakery’s stuffs. It’s simple, right?

Bathroom Design

The second tips in treating a bathroom of yours is to fix the leaked floor. Sometimes small thing like this can cause a bigger damage for a whole house. It often makes the people worried. The leak in the bathroom usually comes from the grout ceramics. The grout is often wiped out by water, the chemical cleansing material, soap or by the wrong installation of the floor itself.

It must be known, that in treating an ideal home of yours, especially bathroom, you have to place the ceramic floor on the correct position of the floor itself. Sometimes, we don’t recognize small thing like this. If the floor sounds aloud/ a little bit hard, the floor is on the problem, which means that it has a big/ empty space.

Ideal Bathroom

The third tips in treating a bathroom of yours is to fix the wet or damp floor. You should find it easy to fix them as long as you know the reason of it. If the water absorption on the floor surface enters within the grouts, you should cover the grout with a waterproof material. If it happens on a non-waterproof floor, you should displace those wet and damp floors until the base of the sand dunes. Then, you cover the dunes with pieces of plastic.

Above all, you should cover them again with the waterproof mixture of structures. The comparison is about 1 and a half. One is for the cement and the rest of it is for the 3 cm-sand. Then, voila! Maintaining a bathroom floor is ready and the floor itself is left to be placed.

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