Types of Living Room Design

There are many types of living room design which you can apply at home.The modern living room design is the popular theme amongst all. It allows you to carry neutral accent in the house and a perfect home decorating style to apply if you intend to sell house. It will be easier if you can ask the agency to do the sale for you. The agency will give you an advice before you sell it.

Living Room Design

However, before you call any agency about, you need to make sure that all of the decoration in the house is simple, neutral and free from any personal accent. You carry the bright color in the house, but make sure that it will never carry the striking effect. Red is not a great color to apply when you want to sell the house. You should pick tan, beige, earthy color, white, brown or even grey.

The contemporary appearance in your modern living room design can be delivered by applying the furniture in simple and curved lines. You can pick them in light color. The key point is that the color should not overwhelm for the eye balls. The sofa that you can pick should be comfortable and easy to view. You can add some decoration like hanging lamps on the ceiling.

Country Living Room Design

The lamps, a vase of flower, simple frame, or even throw pillows can be placed surrounding the sofa. The home owner who loves to enjoy the American country theme may need to do the opposite things. You need to decorate the living room with some features like pastel color, exposed brick, aged furniture, warm wood, and hand carved design.

You can also deliver the look of the decoration from the nature. For example, you can apply floral print for selecting the curtain. If you want to make the American country house look rustic, you can dominate the living room design with the furniture made from log. If you want something breezy in the living room design, I suggest you to pick the Mediterranean theme.

Asian Living Room Design

It will make you preoccupied with some colors derived from the sea green and dusky blue. You will need to dominate the room of your house by applying wrought iron, bronze and formal material for the selection of the furniture. The terracotta tiles are perfect for the flooring if you want totally decorated the living room design by using this theme.

If you want oriental living room design, there are some basic principles that you can carry in the house. You will need to express the color scheme with choices of green, brown, blue and gray. Don’t forget to apply the bold colors like gold and red if you want to express the Chinese living room design. The flower and bamboo artwork is great for decorating this living room design.

Orange Living Room Design

The furniture that you can pick for this oriental living room design is in dark wood color. You evoke the meditative and tranquil setting by applying the green tea area in the living room design. It can make the room more personalized in character. An area rug make from bamboo or even paper lamp shade in this types of living room design can perfectly match with the tranquility atmosphere.

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