Unique Dining Table Made of Stone, Wood and Glass

Unique dining table made of stone, wood and glass is quite rare. The dining table is generally made of solid wood or glass supported by steel. Dining table made of wood had been found in many of the dining room. On the other hand, using a glass dining table is supported by iron has also been gaining popularity in all circles of society. However, if you are bored with the design, you can try some of the design of the dining table that will be described below.


wood dining table

Unique dining table is the number one dining table made of stone. Natural rock that is made into a table is marble and granite. Both types of these rocks, marble and granite, has the effect of cooling the room. However, to get a dinner table with this rock, you must have substantial funds. Marble and granite have a fairly expensive price. Granite has even higher prices than marble. Both of these rocks have become one of a limited number of natural rock in nature. You have to special order to get a dinner table with this material.
The second table is a unique dining table made from a blend of coarse white limestone and wood. Dining table with this design was planted in the ground. This table is planted on the floor that is not easily moved, but it is the excess that is the weakness of this table.


Unique dining table made of stone wood and glass marble dining table1 Unique Dining Table Made of Stone, Wood and Glass

marble dining table

The dining table can not be moved. Therefore, before making this table, you must determine the most appropriate location. Combination of both these natural resources is to plant the white limestone on the floor while the wood is used as the base table. Timber design can be designed in accordance with your wishes whether the wood will be flat and placed just above the white limestone or wood is cut into pieces which are then compiled into the base table. You can also make some small ornament on limestone shore of the table. You can make small carvings or make some of the wood carvings on the limestone base.

unique dining table


You can also replace wood as the base table with glass. However, glass is used as the base table must be of high quality glass. Glass is used as glass for windows can not be used as a pedestal dining table. Glass window usually has a thickness that is not enough. Glass is used as the base table must be thick because it must be able to withstand loads of tableware. Tableware that is usually kept above the table is a plate, spoon and fork and eat menu. Glass should be used as the base table should have a thickness of one centimeter should you choose a glass that will not hurt people when broken. A type of tempered glass is glass that most appropriately used as a pedestal dining table. This type of glass will form flakes when it broke.

However, you now variety of unique dining table made of stone, wood and glass in your dining room.

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