Unique Portable House That Originated From a Tent

The existence of an unique portable house helps many people to be having a place to live despite the very limited land available. This unique portable house is developed from the use of the tent. Tent is a protector such as a house is usually made of waterproof fabric. Tents are also commonly used by people when going camping or staying in the open. Tent is to help people when they are in the open in order to continue to feel protected from the heat and rain.


portable house

However, having a house is a bit difficult to achieve. For someone with a low economic level, having a house can be very difficult to realize. This is because the house prices are quite expensive in their eyes. A solution to get house is to have a portable house. Portable houses are usually dominated by white color only. Along with the development of design and technology, portable house is now also made with a variety of designs. In addition to a wide range of designs, portable house also has a pretty bright color.


This portable house has a unique design. In addition, portable houses can also be folded, installed and dismantled as needed. The idea to create this unique portable house begins with heavy use of tents. The house is named hubihut, unique portable house. House portable design is viewed briefly with a similar design to the house in general. However, viewed closely, portable house has several other advantages comparing to the house in general. Another advantage possessed by the portable house is an easy and simple installation. Portable house only requires a screwdriver to install. Portable houses can be mounted anywhere on the needs of their owners. In addition, there are now many different designs portable houses to choose from. Portable houses usually have bright colors and interesting designs.


unique portable house

This portable house may be one solution for those of you who are looking for a house. Portable house has a relatively affordable price. A portable house price is only about U.S. $ 2.500 only! Although the price was under house prices in general, yet portable design house does not seem cheap and ugly. The material used to make this house is very variate. When the installing of the house is finished, the next thing to consider is the interior of the house. Remembering the portable house does not have the same strength as the other house, the interior is kept at house is only light goods only. It is highly recommended that the house is not too heavy to bear the burden of which they are measured. Existing furniture in the house is usually only portable bed. The material used to make the bed was not as bed most of the wood. Materials used for portable bed in the house only made of cardboard.


colorful portable house

Even this house still has many limitations, but it given the maximum function. Portable house may be one option for those of you who want a house. Portable house can also be combined to create a wider occupancy.

Do you want to try this unique portable house?


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