Unique Shaped Mirror in Bathroom

You can use a unique shaped mirror in the bathroom at home. There are many people who use the mirror in their bathroom. This indicates that they are more likely to reflect each time after bathing or doing activities in the bathroom. The mirror has become one of the equipment must be in the bathroom. The mirror itself is usually stored on the wall above the sink. This was intentional to get people to more easily when the mirror while washing hands or wipe its face. The existence of a mirror in the bathroom has become very important because many people who need them. In addition to its main function, which helps reflect the shadows of people or objects are in front, mounted mirror in the bathroom also has other functions which are quite helpful. The mirror can also be one of Ornaments and decorations in the bathroom. In general, the mirror does have the same shape, such as rectangular, either square or rectangular. Mirror with a shape like this does not earn a lot of attention. However, do you know? Unique shaped mirror turned out to make a lot of people will be enticed to see it. Unique shaped mirror is mounted in the bathroom will make a double function, as a tool for reflection and as decoration.


unique shaped mirror, unique shaped mirror

unique shaped mirror

The first unique shaped mirrors that can be installed in the bathroom are a fan-shaped mirror. This fan-shaped mirror can be mounted on the top of the sink. This fan-shaped mirror decorations can be a unique and interesting, given the form of a mirror tends to monotony. Bathrooms are using this fan-shaped mirror will nuances such as bathrooms in Japan. It is indeed reasonable, because the fan-shaped mirror is identical to the decor in Japan. You can just add some furniture design and simple form to make a nuanced Japanese bathroom.


fan shaped mirror

Unique shaped mirror in these pictures are still have Japanese nuanced. The second unique mirror design is a combination of the two forms, namely round and form a stream of water. However, you also can use the designs and other forms of the mirror to get a more unique and interesting. You can find various designs and forms a mirror image on the other through the internet or look at some interior design magazines. In addition, you can also create a mirror that is inspired by various forms of objects that exist around.


unique shaped combination mirror

The third design of unique shaped mirror is like a ‘stain’ of fluid. Unique shaped mirror of this one was not found in many homes. Mirror with a shape like a ‘stain’ is not readily available in the market. You have a little struggle to get the mirror with this form. You can order it directly to the manufacturer. Mirror shaped like a ‘stain’ is indeed very fit when placed in the bathroom, which is identical with a splash of water. Now you can apply several unique shaped mirrors in your bathroom.

That is some unique shaped mirror.



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