Unique Shaped Shower In the Bathroom

Unique shaped shower can be installed in bathrooms in your house. If there are many people use the shower with a conventional form, then you can try installing unique shower shape. You should know that the fixtures and shower designs usually just a rectangular base that was closed by a curtain. In addition, the form has only a shower are also usually formed a long tube that directly connects to the shower. Nowadays, there are so many people who prefer to use the shower when compared with people who use the bathtub. Some of the reasons for the simplest and most plausible means you are using the shower to save water. If you use the bathtub, then the quantity of water required was spelled out quite a lot. There is a simple illustration of the comparison of water used by the shower and bathtub. The quantity of water in the bathtub for bathing accommodated one person, and then with the same quantity of water, you can use it to three people.


Unique shaped shower, egg shaped shower

egg shaped shower

However, the look and design of a monotonous shower often make residents become bored. Shower designs are simple and finite size quite often is a barrier for people who would put it at home. However, currently there are various designs, shapes, sizes and colors from which you can shower at home.


The first shower unique design is shaped egg-shaped shower. Shower with this design is fairly unique. You do not need a large bathroom, as you plug in the bathtub, when using this egg-shaped shower. This unique shaped shower is very rarely found in many bathrooms per house. In addition, the shower also does not require a cover, such as shower curtains, shower egg-shaped because it is closed like an egg. Well, are you are interested to try this unique shaped shower in your bathroom?


Unique shaped shower, spiral shaped shower

spiral shaped shower

The second design of a unique form shower is improvised shower base form. If a lot of shower base circle or square, then the shower base on this one could be one of the unique furniture in your bathroom. This second shower design spiral in which the spiral core covered by a glass partition. Shower is still relatively new and still quite rarely used. However, just as the design of the first shower, you do not need to use the shower curtain. You can use a glass screen and wall tiles in this shower.

Unique shaped shower


The last shower design is the shower with its modification. You can change the shape of hose leading to the shower with a little imagination, for example by changing the length of hose that is usually shaped into a spiral or circle. Actually there are many ways that you can use to modify the shape of a bathroom shower to look more attractive. You can find lots of inspiration and ideas on unique shaped shower on the internet or various interior design magazines.

Well, that’s some decorating ideas bathroom with unique shaped shower.


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