Using a Shower Curtain as Bathroom Decor

Do you use a shower curtain in the bathroom in the house? There are enough people who prefer to use the shower than those who choose bathtub as one of the appliances in his house bathroom. There are many things to consider choosing a shower rather than bath. If bathtubs tend to use the quite wide enough area in the bathroom, then it did not happen to use the bathroom shower. Using the bathroom shower will use less land. This is because the shower only uses a bit of land for the installation. Bathtubs should be installed in accordance with the size bathroom, shower while using less land just your bathroom. Shower only needs land when you are standing alone! Area of ​​land required to install a shower may be only about one square meter only! Try to compare with the installation of a bathtub. Space required is very much different, right?!


shower curtain, white shower curtain

white shower curtain

One of the things that you can use to complement your house shower installation is using a shower curtain. Shower curtains are very useful to protect your body from the view of people who are out of the bathroom, especially if you are not using the wall in your shower area. Shower curtain also has other functions, as well as body armor, which gives the limiting in your bathroom. You can find out the wet area of ​​a bathroom. Wet areas in bathrooms should be known by the occupants of the house, especially children. This is important because children are particularly vulnerable to slipping in the bathroom.


shower curtain motif

Shower curtain in the bathroom is often unable to pay special attention from house owners. Many people who do not even put up a shower curtain in their bathroom at house. If viewed from the shower curtain that function is mentioned above, you must now be aware of the importance of the shower curtain in the bathroom. There are various kinds of shower curtain that can be installed in the bathroom. There is a plain shower curtain, no motive and white only. Curtains of this type are many qualified enough of mounting a shower curtain. However, you can improvise a little with the shower curtain in the bathroom. You can choose a shower curtain with a variety of colors and patterns to be installed in the bathroom. Shower curtain with a variety of colors and patterns you can buy at some stores, but if you do not find a shower curtain that taste, you can purchase at the online store. Today many companies who advertise on the internet, you just look it up in search engines.


blue shower curtain color

Shower curtain is full of colors and patterns will indirectly be one bathroom decor for your house. You have nothing to lose if you try to put some shower curtains colors and patterns to satisfy your taste or you prefer a colored shower curtain with paint the bathroom walls? All options are depending on your taste and your family.

Whatever the choice, make sure you use a shower curtain in your bathroom.


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