Using Gypsum Board and Wood Polymer to Handle the Damp Walls

Using gypsum board and wood polymer to handle the damp walls is already applied by most of the people. A damp wall is caused by the presence of water that absorbed into the wall. The water usually comes from the water channel or the influence of air humidity. A damp wall is not handle immediately will cause mildew or black spot. This is of course affecting the beauty of a wall at house. In addition bring a bad effect for the beauty of the house; the damp wall can lead to fragility of the wall itself. The walls which are very susceptible to moisture are wall which united with the neighbor’s bathroom wall or even the bathroom walls of the house itself. To handle problems might appear; repainting will usually be used by using anti-fungal paint or cover walls with ceramic. However, this solution is still deemed less fit.

damp wall at the bathroom

One of the ways used to handle the damp walls is to use a material that can resist water. Materials that are known to retain water are gypsum board and wood polymer. Gypsum board has a solid shape and is very easy to install. It is different than use a waterproof paint, using a new gypsum wall board which has been installed does not require a long time to wait to dry. In addition, the gypsum board has a cheaper price. Currently there are several types of gypsum board on the market and one of them can withstand the humidity of water. In addition to resistance to water, gypsum board of this type can also be used in areas frequently exposed to water, such as bathrooms or swimming pools. Installation of gypsum board is also not dependent on the weather so it can be mounted at any time.

installing gypsum board at bathroom

Against, any other material which has resistance to water is wood polymer. Wood polymer made from a mixture of polymer and wood. Wood polymer itself is actually made from wood covered by the polymer. This is what causes wood polymer is anti-termite. In addition to waterproof, excess wood that other polymer is anti-damp and durable. Just as gypsum board, wood polymer can also be used in the shower or in the pool. Wood polymer also has a display like natural fiber yet has the endurance such as plastic. If you hold it, a wood polymer will make you feel like holding wood. The installation of wood polymer is quite easy. A wood polymer as it can be in pairs and removed as desired. Wood polymer that has been completed does not need to be installed in the paint again because the appearance of wood polymer is neat and looks like real wood.

using wood polymer at bathroom

Both of the above material would seem provide a solution leaks or damp walls that often occur at house. Gypsum board and wood polymer should be considered to handle the moisture problem that often occurs at home.
Now, you already know how in using gypsum board and wood polymer to handle the damp walls.

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