Using Parquet to Make Room More Comfortable and Warmer

Using parquet to make room more comfortable and warmer has been known by many people. Parquet is included to one of interior design that is widely used. Parquet is widely used as a design other than ceramic and marble floors. Parquet indeed is a floor that has an attractive design. This is because the parquet has a different view of the design rather than ceramic or marble floors. Many people judge the use of parquet will make the room more comfortable and warm. This assessment makes parquet increasingly in demand.
However, to get the parquet, you need a bit of hard work. Parquet cannot be purchased in stores materials around the house. Parquet is only sold by certain outlets only. So, how do I get the parquet? Try to find parquet seller on the internet or interior design magazines. Please choosing parquet with a design that suits your needs and your tastes. Parquet patterns largely determine the atmosphere of the room, but basically parquet provides comfort. Parquet pattern usually has a pattern each.


parquet to make a room more comfortable and warmer, geometris parquet

geometris parquet

The simplest parquet pattern is a pattern of natural wood. However, the pattern parquet undergone many changes along with the many devotees. The usual pattern used in a room usually is parquet with natural wood patterns. The usual pattern of natural wood in use is mahogany, maple or pine. But now, there are many people also who use the geometric-patterned parquet. Geometric pattern will create a centralized view of attention and to center the pattern. In addition to geometric patterns, there are also others such as parquet patterns basket pattern or patterns of bricks. Parquet patterns can also be combined with various color combination’s. The combination of bright and dark colors make a more attractive parquet floors and comfortable. Leisure parquet is determined from the installation. Parquet is installed should have a simple yet attractive design.

maple parquet pattern

Although the installed parquet design attractive, there are several things that must be considered in installing parquet. Parquet is usually mounted directly on the floor. If you have installed ceramic floor but would like to replace it with parquet then you have to dismantle these ceramics which will be fitted with parquet floor must be flat. Uneven floor will make the installation of parquet become bumpy. Parquet floor that will make people who corrugated stepping becomes uncomfortable. The means used to make flat floor is to add a layer of cement on the floor. In addition, make sure when installing parquet pattern followed is purchased. If the geometric-patterned parquet installed, then install the parquet in accordance with the pattern. Incorrectly installed parquet pattern that must be dismantled again will waste time because you have to disassemble and redistribute a new parquet floor before fitted.

how to install parquet

If you already have a parquet floor that fitted previously, it is advisable to measure the height of the floor. This measurement is useful for high-parquet floor that will be installed together with the height of the previous floor.
Now, are you ready to use parquet to make room more comfortable and warmer?


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