Using the Orange Color on a Child Bedroom

Using the orange color on a child bedroom can be one of the right color choices. The orange color is identical with the atmosphere of a bright and cheerful room. In addition, the color orange will also provide its own nuanced to the viewer, especially children. The orange color will make the child feel more eager to face the day he was going to live now. Another advantage of the color orange is a warm impression that will result from these colors. The orange color is the own impression when compared with other colors. However, you must remember that do not use the color orange is too bright. Orange color with an intensity that is too bright will make your child beistirahat and sleep difficulty. This is because the color of the room is too bright, especially on a child’s room will stimulate the senses of sight of children.


using the orange color on a child bedroom simple orange color on a childs bedroom Using the Orange Color on a Child Bedroom

simple orange color on a child bedroom

If you feel the color orange is too dominant, you can combine it with other colors darker. You can combine the orange color in the child’s room with black or brown. Shades of orange and a darker color will make the color orange is not too bright. However, you can also use the color of the younger to blend the color orange. You can use as a pale yellow color combination of orange color. In essence, any choice of colors you use as a combination of orange color, make sure the result of a combination of colors is not too bright for your child. The use of orange color combination you can apply on the walls and bed linen. The use of orange color combination will excite the younger kids to stay active and full of inspiration.


orange furniture

The orange color also can you use on a wall using wallpaper on the wall. If you want other motives, you can use patterned wallpaper. You can find many motif of wallpaper in store. You also can use other color  combination of orange color. The orange color can also be applied to a variety of furniture that is in the child’s room. You can use the orange wardrobe while in bed; you can use the color orange on the bed sheets and other bedding such as pillow cases and blankets. Motif of blankets and pillow cases can be chosen based on your interest.


cheerful orange color combination

You should know that not keep too much stuff in his or her room. Besides being a child’s room will be full and crowded, the color orange was also an impact on the appearance of a child’s room. Orange room will feature a warm and solid when compared to the white room. This is a reason why you should not keep too much stuff in a child’s room orange. If you are still confused, look for some interior design ideas in magazines or on the internet.

Well, that’s a few tips for using the orange color on a child bedroom.

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