Various Benefits to Create a Garden at Home

How to create a garden at home? Having a beautiful garden at home is a dream for everyone. The meaning of ‘ideal’ home with a garden for everyone is definitely different. The house is described as an ideal house that provides protection to the occupants from heat and rain. This cozy picture of the house does not mean the house is closed from the outside world. The house that builds without ventilation will make the home seem stuffy and humid.
When humidity is happening at home, it will make the occupants uncomfortable. One of the steps taken to overcome the moisture that occurs is to create a window, in order to address the needs of open space in the house.

garden as an open space

The need for open space in this homemade applied with a garden. A garden is useful as an area for air circulation has received much attention. In addition to its main function as open land, the park was also considered to enhance your home. The gardens are cared for and planted will make a house rich in oxygen so that the situation at home will feel more beautiful and cool. However, these benefits will not be obtained if the crop is not treated properly. Plants are commonly planted palm and anthurium. Plant species is considered easy to grow and easy to maintain.

a garden with rocks

To create a garden in your home livelier, you can use natural stones. The use of natural stone can also be combined with the construction of an artificial fountain. If the garden you want to create is a minimalist garden, then the type of plants used should be no more than three types. At present the existence of a minimalist garden is much demand.
One form of treatment for your garden is to pay attention to your intake of sunlight. The roof is transparent or glass tile can create a garden you get sunlight for plant survival. In addition, the installation of the roof also provides protection against your garden from the rain.
If you not choose to use the roof so be prepared to face the muddy ground due to rain. However, you do not need to worry. You can sprinkle a small coral rock above the ground. In addition to small pebbles, you can also plant grass to hold the rain water to be absorbed into the soil.

garden as a recreation for children

The garden is made in the house could have several advantages for the residents. In addition to providing open space and good air circulation, the park is also useful as filter from pollution. The existence of the park can also provide areas that can be used as an arena of recreation for the residents of the house, such as playing or camping.  Several other activities are gardening. Parks can be used as educational advice for children. Parents can introduce a variety of plants to children without going outside. It is a fun activity!


There are so many advantages of having a garden still makes some people reluctant to have garden at home.


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