Various Kinds of Rock Floor To Make Your Home More Beautiful

There are many kinds of rock floor make your house more beautiful. As we know, the floor is one of the important elements forming the house. Did you ever imagine occupy a house without a floor? Floor allows residents to carry their mobile activities. In addition, the floor is also a factor that determines the identity of a house. Floor also used to cover the ground floor. There are many manufacturers that offer varieties of floor. This is because the function of the floor that is so important. It also many kinds of flooring offered by the shops. It starts from the rocks, such as granite, marble, and limestone. There is also an artificial floor, such as ceramics, cement, and vinyl. This time, we will discuss the floors are made of natural stones first.

Kinds of Rock Floor, marble floor

marble floor

Floor is made of natural stone floor of the former is made of marble. Marble can be cut into a certain size so that it can be made into flooring. Marble is the material including mines that exist in nature. To get the marble, you simply take it directly. In order marble is a natural rock, the marble can not be updated or created. Therefore, the use of marble should be limited because of limited availability. This is precisely what causes the marble floor has a quite expensive price on the market. One of the advantages of the marble is its cool and can withstand heavy loads. The use of marble as the floor will be able to make your home cool. In addition, you also can keep heavy items on top. The processing of marble into the floor is to cut and refine only. Today, the marble floors are made and designed with a variety of forms. Not only the shapes and designs are diverse, apparently the producers also create motifs and patterns vary marble floors. This is what makes a luxurious marble floors and beautiful.

motif of marble floor

Another natural rock that can be used as a floor is granite. Granite has a physical appearance similar to marble; granite color is just darker than marble. The floor is made with granite stones are usually colored black. Basically Granite character almost the same with marble, which are cold and able to withstand heavy loads. However, granite is rarer than in marble so the price is more expensive than marble.


granite floor

The rooms are fitted with marble or Granite floors usually are the living room, family room and bedroom. A property that uses by the two rocks is considered very suitable for incorporation in a place that has a high temperature. Besides that, you do not need to install air conditioning because of the nature which is owned by these rocks. Given its price, it helps you make the scale of priorities which require floor space rocks like this. Room like a bathroom that is always exposed to water probably should not use the floor made of marble or granite. While the terrace, rocky granite flooring should be installed to make it more resistant to weather.

Now, do you interested to use various kinds of rock floor to beautify your home?


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