Using Wallpaper Makes the Room More Fresh

Do you believe that using wallpaper makes the room more fresh? A wall that constantly use the same colors often make bored. There are a times when one day we want to make the walls in a room of our house looking different. Appearance and color of the room makes people bored often. Instead, the walls of the room with different appearance will make a new impression that ‘fresh’ to the spectator. There are several ways to make the atmosphere in the room more ‘fresh’, such as by changing the location of the goods is in the room or change the paint color of the walls in the room. However, both options have advantages and disadvantages of each.

motif of wallpaper


If you decide to move the goods, then you have to prepare extra energy. You should have plenty of time because they have sliding stuff. The same thing will happen if you choose to repaint the walls of your room. You will accomplish a few times, because in addition to shifting the goods, repainted, waiting for dry, you also have to clear the goods previously moved.
However, this does not mean there is no solution. Another option that can be done is to use the wallpaper to the wall of your room. Using wallpaper on the walls of the room is considered a lot of people are more practical and durable enough. In addition to a long durability, colors and wallpaper patterns also vary so that it can be adjusted to the mood of the owner of the room. The color of the wallpaper is diverse, ranging from soft color to the color that spelled out ‘brave ‘. While the motive of the wallpaper too, ranging from simple motifs to the motif of the ‘crowded’.


If you decide to use the wallpaper on the walls of the room while you do not have experience in putting up the wallpaper, you better use the services of wallpaper installation. However, if you want to install them yourself, choose wallpaper that has simple first. When first installing, put up in areas that are not too wide and the wall space that is not much seen by outsiders. This is done to prevent outsiders from seeing installation errors that have occurred. Try to install the wallpaper in the private bathroom in your room. If you have a lot of practice and learning from mistakes, then you will get a lot of experience and new science. This means good, because over time, papering will be an easy thing to do for you.

wallpaper color

However, although rated easy papering, installation of wallpaper still should not be done arbitrarily. The area that you will use to install the wallpaper should be clean. When the area to be used dirty, then certainly your wallpaper will not completely coat the walls of your room. Wallpaper is already installed cannot be released or removed easily. You will need chemicals to clean the remnants of wallpaper.

how to use wallpaper


Therefore, when the area to be pasted wallpaper has been given a clean and glue, make sure you spread the wallpaper with a neat and straight. Attach the wallpaper carefully and quickly wipe the stains around the wallpaper so as not to contaminate the new wallpaper.


Now, after seeing the pictures above, do you believe that using wallpaper makes the room more fresh?


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