Simple Way to Make A Pretty Bathroom

There’s a simple way to make a pretty bathroom. One of the ways it to put white as the main color of your bathroom. The other way is to make white as a supporting color. However, if you only put white color on your whole bathroom, it will look monotone and “cool”, right? You should only better to put different color in case you get easily bored with white. Sometimes, you are bored with your white bathroom, right?


White and Red Bathroom

In making your bathroom look pretty, the color you should choose to be combined with white must have its characteristic. For example, if you choose red to be combined with, it will give your bathroom the look of “courage” and eager. Red is also most notable with its warmth to be put in the bathroom. Because of its unique characters, you can only “spray” red in some parts of your bathroom. This will later make your bathroom more alive and prettier.

White and Orange Bathroom

For some bathrooms, the color of red appears only as a “camouflage” in the bathroom. Its application is indeed simple, however it will not make your bathroom look “simple” too. Otherwise, it will be more extravagant. If you have a red border ceramic, which is usually mounted on the wall, it can also be mounted on the floor to make a little square-shaped on it. Uniquely, the area where this square-shaped ceramic are mounted is like having two different frames, a big and a little one.

White and Purple Bathroom

The “touch” of red is also put in the shower curtain and in the other bathroom equipment, such as towl, etc. Although your bathroom are only “sprayed” by red and white, it will look more interesting than having only the white one. If you have already prepared your red and white bathroom, then it’s time for you to do this simple way to make pretty bathroom based on your idea!


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