Color Combination of White and Pink Bedroom

If you want to set something new on your house, the color-combination of white and pink bedroom can be best suitable for your kids’ bedroom. As you know, White is suitable for every color. It can be combined with either pink, red, or even beige. White is also an amazing color for all. Its presence makes all color combinations perfect; both solid and pastel color becoming stronger.

Bedroom with Combination of White and Pink

If you are curious to apply those color on your kids’ bedroom, then you should better start it. At first, you paint a pastel pink on one side of you wall. It can “shine” brighter if you paste it with more wallcovers on it. For the pattern, you can choose any pattern. On the other sides of wall, it can be painted by white. To match a soft color of wall, the floor is covered with a parquet.

If you have a limited area for your kids’ bedroom, you can fulfill it only with two main furniture, a 90cm x 200cm-sized bed and a 80cm x 110cm-sized baby box. The bed was made from iron material, while the baby box from the white-finishing wood. You should create the iron material in the bed’s head and leg in circle. As for its valance, it’s created by white, completing the pink-sheet bed.

Bedroom with Combination of White, Pink and Purple

Then, you should add some different and unique accent on the baby box. Besides those two main furniture, there’s still another niche to be fulfilled on your kids’ bedroom. The niche was created as same as its bed. You can also creat a cabinat and a stainless nightstand lamp beside the bed. Finally, are you ready to apply this color combination of white and pink bedroom on your house?


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